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Central London Mistress Evelyn

Below is a full list of all the services I provide.

Anal Play (fingering, stretching, plug, probe, fist, foot) – light for a beginner, or more intense for an experienced. From a single finger, all the way up to a whole foot. If you want to indulge in anal play please be very clear beforehand about what are your limits. Gloves are ALWAYS used.

Ball Busting – exactly what is sounds like. Barefoot or with shoes on, ask for it as hard as you can take it only if you’re serious about wanting to impress me.

Body worship – almost every part of Mistress’ body. This will be slow and teasing, you will caress and kiss my soft, smooth, pale skin, you will inhale the gorgeous Essence of Miss Evelyn, nothing will be on your mind because my body will receive your complete and utter attention and adoration.

CBT (cock & ball torture) – not for the squeamish, or for those with a low pain threshold. Your tiny cock and balls will be slapped, pinched, pinned, tortured until they’re sore and red. There is a vast array of instruments and techniques I use, and as with everything else, I can go from gentle to harsh. I never get to the point where bleeding might occur, and I categorically won’t use needles, knives and similar.

Cigarette Fetish and Torture – provide your favourite brand of cigarettes (I do not usually smoke) and enjoy watching luscious smoke coming out of Mistress’ perfect red lips, and being blown in your face. Open your mouth and be my ashtray. You can be brave and decide to go further, and have Mistress torturing your skin in the most sensitive areas with a lit cigarette.

Corporal Punishment (Spanking / whipping) – there actually is a huge variety of activities which can be incorporate in a CP session. From mouth washed with soap, to hair pulling, face slapping, to the more serious spanking with hand, brush or paddle, and whipping. I enjoy giving corporal punishment but I am very careful not to leave you with bruises or marks, unless you specifically say you want them or don’t mind having them.

Chastity training/orgasm control – guaranteed to drive you insane. Mistress will train you to stay in chastity for an agreed period of time – usually before an upcoming session together during which you will be extremely weak in the mind, you’ll be shaking with desire, you’ll beg me for relief and I will manipulate you, use you and abuse you before deciding whether to allow you to relieve yourself. I very much enjoy putting a slave in chastity but I will need you to be very clear about your limits before starting the training.

Face sitting – moderate or full weight, but rigorously clothed or in underwear.

Fisting and punch fisting – for expert players of anal play. To be able to enjoy fisting, you will need to have been anally trained before. I will then prepare you, lube you up, stretch you, slide my hand in and make a fist. Punch fisting is the most intense form of fisting, as you literally get punch fucked. I won’t do fisting nor punch fisting on our first session, even if you’re an expert anal slave.

Food sex and Feeding/Forced Feeding – any sort of food that turns you on, cream, cake, custard, chocolate, zucchini, anything you can think of really. You can get sploshed or be eating something from off my body – i.e. my fingers dipped in chocolate, my feet dipped in champagne – or be fed something after I have chewed it. Or have some phallic shaped vegetables or fruits carefully inserted into you. I can go further and force feed you by spitting food or stuffing food into your mouth.

Foot/shoe/ hands worship – my gorgeous size 7 feet in your hands, and mouth. Foot worship can be as light as just kissing, massaging, and pampering (I can also teach you how to give me a manicure and pedicure), or as intense as stuffing your mouth with my toes. Feet can be freshly clean or dirty and smelly, bare or wrapped in silky stockings, whichever you prefer. The same goes with hands. I can wear any nail varnish you might prefer. I also bring super high platform heels for you to adore, before you get to take them off and go on to my feet.

Forced Bi – very few things turn Mistress on as much as seeing some cocky little boy being forced to gag on a cock and give some rimming. If you’ve never done this before, I am very good at gently introducing you to it.

Forced feminization – reserved for sissy sluts only. You’ll be wearing sissy knickers, stockings, bra, plenty of slutty make up and Mistress will be laughing at you, calling you her little horny slut, and working hard to make you the proper little bitch hungry for cock you you were born to be.

Gags, restrains, blindfold and hood – I prefer to use anything that might affect your breathing (like gags or hoods) if you have tried them before, but I am also happy to introduce you to them. There are multiple ways and things to use as gags and restraints. A ball gag, a ring gag, or my panties or stockings in your mouth and then taped, your wrists and ankles duct taped, your body cling filmed, the list can go on forever. Personally, I love using duct tape, it has a “kidnap” kind of feel to it. If you’re up for it but not into pain please remember to shave those parts of the body that we agree will be taped – duct tape ripping body hair out hurts!

Glove/stockings worship – latex or lace gloves, thin or thick stockings, hold ups, tights. You can be assured I will blow your mind with them.

Humiliation and degradation on all levels – you might have a small cock, be skinny with no muscles or overweight, have feminine features, or whatever else it is that embarrasses you. I will laugh about it, I will put you on your knees and inspect you closely, I will ride you like a pony, treat you like a dog, I will put you in a corner, facing the wall, sticking your bottom out for me to whip whenever I want. I will treat you like a piece of dirt, foot slap you, make you lick my shoes clean, pull your hair, spit in your face, verbally abuse you. Whatever it is that you find humiliating, I won’t stop doing or saying, I won’t give you a break.

Nipple Torture – twisting, pinching, biting, digging my nails into them, pumping them up or holding them in clamps.​

Role Play – Role play defines a more or less intense mind game, in which the slave assumes a specific role which works together with the role assumed by the Dom. This game lets us both go into a world made of fantasy, where anything can happen. Obviously the quality of a role play session and of a role play scenario depends solely on how much both parties are into it, and how they are willing to act out the fantasy. There are very few scenarios I would not enjoy acting out – two examples being child play and mental asylum. For me to able to get properly into character and help you make your fantasy come to live, I need you to describe it to me in as much detail as possible.

Slave training – the basics for first time submissives who want to become proper slaves. I am happy to gently and carefully introduce anybody to the mental, emotional and physical pleasures and pains of being a slave.

Spitting and face slapping – definitely a favourite little thing of mine. It can be used in any scenario as a very versatile form of humiliation, it’s quick, it stings, it’s wet and unexpected. Quite simply, I just love it. If this is something you enjoy, and want plenty of, please ensure that there is plenty of still water available for me to drink so that I don’t run out of saliva.

Strap On play, worship and training – I bring my very thick, flesh coloured 6.5 inches bad boy for you to take up your ass and/or gag on. If you have your own strap on and would be more comfortable with me using that instead of my own, I’m totally fine with it. I always put a condom on my strap on when using it. If don’t have much experience with a strap on I am happy to anally train you first.

Temperature play – There are so many instruments one can use during a temperature play session, but I enjoy keeping it simple with ice cubes and/or hot wax, used on the most sensitive parts of your body.

Tie & Tease / Tie and Deny – a very sensual activity, perfect for any beginner, and for anybody who is not into heavy BDSM. You get tied up, unable to move and unable to touch yourself, and I will tease you, get close to you and move away, show you my body in sexy lingerie without letting you touch it or even reach it. I will drive you insane with frustration and make you lose control, still denying you what you want, to the point where I own your mind completely.

Trampling – Trampling means that you will have Mistress on heels or barefoot walking up and down your body. I can be supporting myself onto something or forcing my whole body weight on your stomach, back, thighs, genitals and face. I can also add verbal humiliation to create a fantasy scenario where you are a bug, a worm, a disgusting little animal that needs to be crushed. Although I enjoy playing out this scenario, I will not do any crushing on an actual animal, be it even just a bug.

Watersports​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ – Another little favourite of my mine. I get a real kick out of pissing on some slave’s face and body, and whether you’re brave enough to drink my golden nectar or the stinginess and smell are too much for you to take, I just love watching you getting soaked.

If you are a bit nervous and would like to get to know me a bit more before organizing a session, or if you simply enjoy the company of a young and open minded Lady, I am also available for dinner dates and clubbing nights in fetish/BDSM themed clubs.

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