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Central London Mistress Domatella

Fit, Firm & Formidable!

I am Mistress Domatella – that’s spelt with an ‘M’ for Mistress not an ‘N’ for Nice.

Call me respectfully to see if your fantasies are compatible with mine and if they are……we will realize them together!

I have been a Dominatrix for many years. I am selective about whom I see and as a result, I still love what I do. I enjoy exploring new ground and boundaries with novices and veterans alike. I am not a ‘shouty screamy Mistress’ If humiliation is required, I prefer to do it with humor and actions.

If I allow you the privilege of putting yourself in my capable hands, I will immerse you in subspace and keep you there for as long as I choose. One of my favorite sights is submission in the eyes of my slave.

I prefer phone contact but I will not dominate you on the phone – I prefer the real thing. Phone conversation is strictly for enquiries, requests and arranging sessions. Trust goes both ways so please do not call me from a with held number. I am 5 mins from Kings Cross/St Pancras Station

Overnight stays and dungeon rentals are possible. Call 07904 805806

Expertise and Services of London Mistress Domatella Include:


I really enjoy – Over the knee spanking for naughty sluts and bad boys.

I also love using paddles, cat o nine tails, riding crops, birches leather belts, tause, rulers, canes and batons. I am very accurate with all implements and experienced in role play. I am the Judge, headmistress, bitch boss, prison warder and anyone else you can think of to administer the punishment.

Boot Camp

If you would like to loose weight or get fit or keep fit, try a boot camp session. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and I will make you work like never before for my pleasure. You will eat what I tell you to and I will punish you if you don’t reach your weight and fitness goals! I will punish you if you do reach them….because I can! You will ache in muscles you never thought you had. The pain is hidden and lasts for days!


We have ways of making you talk! I’ll put you in bondage and I’ll get that secret account number and any other information you think you can with hold from me. Whether using psychological methods or something more physical, I can be extremely persuasive. I respect limits and can torture you without marking if necessary.

Foot and Leg Worship

I have dainty size 5 feet with red painted toenails. I love having my feet massaged and worshipped. I also love the feel of silky stockings against my toned legs. Why not buy me a pair of your favorite stockings to wear for our session and I will let you keep them afterwards?

Tie and Tease

My toned figure looks fit whatever I’m wearing. You’ll be begging to be released. Feel completely vulnerable as I torment and tease you.

Light Medical

Enemas, water sports, internal examinations, butt plugs, electrics, tubes, lubes, strap on, electric acupuncture (without piercing the skin).…….in my fully equipped clinic. So relax and leave yourself in my capable nursing hands.

Rubbery & Bizaar

From rubber tree to rubber roll. I even learned how to make rubber clothing for further indulgence! Nowadays, I tend to be too busy to make my own clothes but fortunately I have a fantastic gummi designer who makes them for me. Why not have a catsuit or an outfit made especially for you. You can keep it at my chambers so it remains our secret.

Summary of Specialties:

CP, CBT, foot worship, dildo & strap on, forced bi (after an initial session with Mistress), tickle torture, nipple torture, wax, electrics, Venus 2000 milking machine, electrics, interrogation scenarios, medical, role play, tie & tease, water sports, enforced fitness to name a few.

Treat yourself to an exciting time with me in my new, intimate, fully equipped, clean and discreet chambers at Kings Cross. I am 5 minutes from the station and also have an off road parking space available.

Novices welcomed, veterans tested, limits respected

Call me on 07904 805806 for further information or to arrange a session you’ll never forget!

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