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Central London Mistress Eris Bent

I am Eris, an ecstatic mischievous force unleashed upon the unsuspecting universe.

A pirate wreaking havoc. Bringing the storm into to your safe haven, breaking, entering, pillaging, perverting. Then sailing out into the big blue sea in possession of your treasures. Leaving you forever transformed. If you are lucky, I will snatch you away on an expedition to uncharted territories.

I am a a life -style mistress and switch with an immaculately filthy mind..

When I play with you, we are bandits riding together into the wilderness. Danger and adventure pulsing through our veins.

You will be striped of inhabitation. I will wave my magic wand. Now tell me what I’ve turned you into: a fiend, a fallen angel, a naughty brat, a hero, a greedy beast, a pet, a shameless hussy, a warden or an inmate?

I will make you everything you can become.

I will take you apart and into your self.

I will make you into nothing. I will make you into everything you crave.