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London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass

London Mistress Hourglass


Dominatrix Hourglass awaits your visit....

Email me at or click here for clickable email

‘A Feast for the Mind, Body and Senses’.

Do you need to submit, be in the presence of a highly intuitive, sensual Domme. Relinquishing control, go on a sensual journey, in an erotically charged ‘play space’.

I have a ‘Chamber’ for my own sole use, so no need to ‘watch the clock’. I keep it immaculate and clean with the help of my lady’s maid.

Each experience created is a custom-made intimate encounter between us, exploring different facets of BDSM play.

There may be ideas you have as to what you respond well to, a needing to release. Or if a novice, my facilitating your uncharted waters in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Probe your deepest desires and emotions, bringing to light your cherished secrets, immersing in the yin & yang, in the darkness, light... the playfulness of BDSM.

Letting go. My moulding will bring out the best you have to offer. That is all I ask for, your best, not perfection.

I am aware of just how important aesthetics are to me, and you. For an airbrushing free zone click here

Be it my silky long corn colored hair caressing my full buttocks, or up in a soft pile away from the nap of my neck. Cuban fully fashioned seamed stockings, French painted bright red toe nails, long gleaming black leather opera gloves, full soft breasts dabbed with scent. The 20’ corsets nipping my waist in. I am disciplined and more than capable of putting you through your paces. All these small details I pay attention to...... as I bore into you with with my hypnotic gaze.

Specializing in SENSORY INPUT...... be it tactile ‘tie & tease’ (incorporating the Hitachi), sensual queening with a hint of smothering your senses with my cool, soft, rounded buttocks. The throb and thrust of the famous Venus 2000. Foot, instep, calf, leg, hand, breast & buttock body worship... all at my discretion, you needing to work HARD for it, I take no prisoners.

And as I, Mistress Hourglass just love to get up close and use touch, how about satisfying this need of mine, AFTER having earned it. This Erotic Massage includes the ‘wand of light

Or maybe a bit of forced feminization (frills, flounces, stockings & suspenders, heels, wigs, makeup), anal probing, the thrust of the strap-on, cock sucking, humiliation in abundance. Just how horny that can be! For me, not you! I whisper in your ear, “Remember why you are in my presence...... to please me” -

Then there is the more edgy, sadistic, rougher play, when I feel in the mood. Cock, ball & nipple torture (think teeth marks here... lol). Mmm... strategic ball busting, spitting, ticking & trampling. The creme-de-la-creme of electro boxes sending waves of current through your expectant, tender genitals. The ‘shadow’ self emerging, your inner pain slut exposed. Hogtied, slapped into shape.

And dripping heated candle wax when the fancy takes me, a bit of medical play (enemas, sounds, catheters, ‘medicine’ etc.)..... role-plays. Only limited by my endless imagination... and yours -

Corporal punishment, discipline... high starched white collars. A cleansing taking place, the thud, the sting, of one of my custom made implements, the ‘no gain without pain’ principle. The flogger, my nipples, matching the contours of your body. The ritual holding and being held close, so very close, firmly over my lap. The rhythmic hand spanking, the caressing.... My probing and knowing look.

As you kneel before me, blindfolded. My tapered fingers and sharp nails, running over your expectant flesh. Chained spread eagled, your yearning..... my controlling. Relishing your predicament. The secret ‘treasures’ withheld until well earned.

The tip-tap of my 8 inch heels, that have been licked until highly polished. Endlessly long slender legs gliding away. Out of reach, then back with the ‘Cobra Libra’ , getting closer... and closer.

Now immerse yourself in my hypnotic stormy blue eyed gaze.

Call 07584169251 after 10am on a weekday.

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