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FemDom professional and private CP sessions

Professional CP sessions with London Mistress

Do you fantasise about corporal punishment?
Would you like to be caned or strapped?
Do you enjoy feeling out of control?
Are you in need of good old-fashioned discipline?D
oes your behaviour need correction?

If so you have just come to the right place!

Welcome to my world

I’m Miss Kami Robertson – professional London Mistress. I’m 24-year-old lady with a cruel streak for those who need or deserve it.

I’m intelligent, experienced and genuinely interested in fetish and. I have been actively involved in the UK spanking/fetish scene for almost 5 years now.

I offer sessions and services that I like to indulge in so I’m always very passionate about it.

Currently I offer CP (corporal punishment) and discipline sessions, corrective therapy, and to dominate and control you in a variety of roleplay scenarios.

I have been interested in CP as long as I can remember. Like many of us I started as a bottom/sub, so I know the game very well. My extensive experience gives me a broader perspective and better understanding of what happens to our mind and body when we play. It is something I always valued in Doms I played with. I will use my experience as a bottom/sub to make YOUR experience all the more special.

I see CP play as a chance to experience desires and fantasies through roleplays (whether simple or very elaborate). I like to know what a person is after, I like to arrange a session that works for YOU. I understand that everyone is different and I would never treat two people the same.

Don’t be fooled though: once we start roleplaying I will be demanding and in total control of you and your body until the end of the scene. You will feel yourself overpowered and made to obey my wish. You will realise that, no matter what, you will receive exactly what you deserve.


We all do this for different reasons, and we all like it differently. In the end it’s all about the experience.

Whether you do it to relax and forget about the day.
Or to experience strong emotions through pain, humiliation, suffering…
Or simply (or not so simply) to experience a pain high that you know so well from previous play...
Or to proudly survive...
Or to be broken…

No same-day bookings enquiries please!

Novice and experienced welcome.

I use a private and discreet venue in Central London (WC1)

You can contact me at:

(please check my website first for more information)

Miss Kami

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